Cooler Use and Care

To get maximum performance from your RTIC Extreme cooler, here are some tips:

Pre-Chill Your RTIC Extreme cooler:

The process of pre-chilling is very helpful for proper operation of your RTIC Extreme cooler. It allows the internal temperature of the cooler to “cool down” and then maintain the cool temperature to chill the contents you add. Your cooler should be pre-chilled a minimum 4 hours, but ideally overnight. Options for pre-chilling your cooler:

  • Purchase extra ice and use the first part to "cool down the cooler" then discard it and fill with fresh ice after loading your contents
  • Pre-chill with dry ice. The cooler is dry ice approved. Dry ice (CO2) made from frozen carbon dioxide is an excellent way to achieve super cold temperatures, without any water residue. Always handle dry ice with caution, wear gloves, as it can quickly freeze burn the skin (-109F). Allow ventilation of any CO2 gas
  • Place your cooler in a chest freezer overnight, if possible for most ideal pre-chilling

Pre-Chill Your Contents: If possible, chill or freeze any goods you are bringing before placing them in the cooler. The ice will last much longer.

Keep it Chilly

Water from melted ice is not a bad thing! Cold water that develops after a few days helps insulate the remaining ice better than empty airspace. Open your lid as few times as possible to reduce adding warm air from the outside. “All ice is not created equal” – in other words, ice performance can vary greatly. Block ice will melt slower than cube ice, but cube ice with a larger total surface area will cool items faster. You may want to consider a mixture of both types. Start with very cold, solid ice versus wet ice that has already begun to melt. Fill cooler with as much ice as possible to reduce empty air areas.

It may be helpful to add some dry ice to your ice mixture to keep it colder longer. Remember to handle dry ice with caution using gloves and allow for adequate ventilation of any CO2 gas.

Rock salt tip: rock salt naturally lowers the melting point of water, making it super cold. Add a few handfuls to the top of your ice filled cooler and temperatures will be even lower.

Keep it Clean

Since it is designed to handle food, it’s important to keep your RTIC Extreme cooler clean. For first time use, clean with warm water and dish soap. For higher cleaning needs, mix water and bleach in a 6 to 1 ratio for cleaning (use rubber gloves). Be sure to clean the entire inside gasket area and rim. Also clean the threads by the drain area (a toothbrush is helpful for this). Make sure cooler is completely dry before storing in a cool place out of the sun for you next adventure.