RTIC Coolers

The Direct To Consumer Retailer of Extreme Rotomolded Coolers

We are a direct to consumer retailer. We offer a very compelling value proposition on quality rotomolded coolers. We're the brand, the importer, the shop, and the marketing arm, all in one. We intentionally forgo the traditional cooler distribution channel the other brands are tied to because this outdated distribution channel is expensive. By cutting out the big box retailers and using word of mouth & social media to promote our coolers versus paying for high priced ambassadors and commercials, we are able to offer high quality coolers that have all of the features our customers want - at a fraction of the price you can buy a comparable cooler for in a retail outlet.

The company is based in Houston Texas and has 5 fulfillment warehouses located in Fresno California, Chicago Illinois, Houston Texas, Atlanta Georgia & Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

RTIC Fulfillment Warehouse Map