Functional Features

From the backyard to the outback, RTIC Coolers are designed with all the functional features customers demand - at a fraction of the price of the competition.

Molded Tie Down Slots

The molded-in tie down slots make it easy to secure your RTIC to your truck bed, trailer, or boat.

Two integrated tie-down slots are included on each side of the cooler making installation of the tie down straps quick and easy

It's the most secure way to keep your cooler anchored.

Keeps Ice for Up to 10 Days

It's like a portable freezer. The pressure-injected commercial grade polyurethane insulation keeps ice for up to 10 days. The closed-cell insulation foam stops air and moisture with an R-Value of up to 7 per inch. This insulation, combined with a freezer grade gasket and durable solid construction gives RTIC coolers outstanding thermal properties.

Heavy Duty T-Latches

Our lid T-latches are made from all-weather heavy-duty flexible silicone, making our latching system one of the most durable and secure on the market. Designed to interlock into the body of the cooler, RTIC coolers stay shut in the most extreme environments.

Our latches provide smooth trouble-free performance under real-world conditions and the T-handle style provides sure grip for operating latch. The latches are UV resistant and completely non-corrosive.

Bear Resistant

RTIC coolers are made utilizing the latest one-piece seamless roto-molded construction technology. Roto-molding is the same manufacturing process used to make kayaks.

Our coolers feature an integrated locking system and full length hinges, making the coolers virtually indestructible.

Add a long shank padlock and your RTIC becomes resistant to the toughest bear and will help keep your contents safe.

Freezer Grade Gasket

Our coolers lock in the cold with a high quality freezer gasket that completely circles the full length of the lid locking in the cold. It's like a portable freezer. It keeps the cold air in and the warm air out. The seal is a very important part of the cooler as it helps keep the cooler colder longer.

The gasket measures a 1/4 inch wide and a 1/4 inch thick and helps prevent leakage if the cooler were to turn over on its side.

Easy-Lift Lid Handle

Are you tired of trying to open a vacuum sealed cooler lid using a tiny edge of the lid?

We designed the RTIC coolers with an extended lid to help make opening the cooler easier.

The lid handle extends a half inch past the cooler’s edge. No more pulling on the T-latches to open the cooler. Using the latches to open the cooler could stretch the latches and make the seal less effective and thus cold air to escape the cooler.

Molded-In Handles & Rope Handles

The RTIC 45 & 65 coolers have two types of handles that provide for easy lifting.

RTIC’s recessed integrated side handles are molded into the body of the cooler making for easy lifting of a fully loaded cooler in and out of vehicles or boats.

The heavy duty marine-grade rope handles with comfort grips makes it comfortable to transport the heaviest loads.

Non-Slip Feet

Non-marking rubberized feet prevent the cooler from sliding around on boat decks or truck beds, keeping the RTIC firmly in place.

Our non-slip feet riser technology is a key functional design element that improves cooling performance by minimizing contact with hot surfaces. The feet elevate the cooler off hot surfaces allowing air flow underneath the cooler for maximum cooling and easy deck cleaning.

Integrated Hinge System

The lid and body of our coolers are connected utilizing a full length integrated hinge system which prevents the lid from over extending or separating from the body. The RTIC hinge system also utilizes corrosion-resistant stainless steel hinge rods that are tough enough to withstand marine environments.

Rapid V-Drain System

Our coolers utilize a recessed V-Drain system allowing the cooler to be drained completely.

Easy-Flow Drain Spout

Our drain plug lets the water out and keeps ice in. Also designed to allow quick draining.

The drain plug contains a gasket making it leak proof and insulated.

Dry Ice Compatible & No Sweat Design

RTIC Coolers are made of food grade UV-resistant polyethylene that is dry-ice compatible.

The coolers exterior does not sweat.

Non-Slip Lid

Our lids have a non-slip textured surface. The cooler can even be used as a casting platform.

Locking System

Add a long shank padlock to keep RTIC contents safe and secure.

Cool-Lift Riser

The specially designed feet lift the cooler above hot surfaces