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This cooler is all about extremes - from impact resistance and durability to long lasting ice retention. Great cooler for camping, hunting, or fishing that truly keeps your food & drinks colder longer vs the competition. The RTIC cooler can also be used as a bench, nonslip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables and vital supplies cold.

Common Uses

  • Offshore fishing
  • Hunting bigger game
  • Extended camping trips
  • The ultimate party cooler
  • Back up refrigerator


Weight: 48.5 lbs


110 cans
115pounds of ice

Functional Features

  • Rotomolded Construction

    Virtually indestructible

  • Keeps Ice up to 10 Days

    Like a portable freezer

  • Bear Resistant

    Designed to keep bears out

  • Non-Slip Feet

    Keeps your cooler in place

  • Integrated Locking System

    Keep your contents safe

  • Easy Lift Lid Handle

    Allows quick & easy access

  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches

    Smooth trouble-free closure

  • Up to 3" Insulated Walls

    Commercial grade insulating foam

  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles

    Marine-grade ropes & textured grips

  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket

    Provides a tight seal

  • Rapid V-Drain System

    Allows quick draining

  • No Fail Hinges

    Full Length interlocking hinges

  • Molded Tie Down Slots

    Keeps your cooler anchored

  • No Sweat Exterior

    The outside stays dry

  • Cool Lift Design

    Lifts cooler above the hot surface

  • Molded-In Side Handles

    Unbreakable, easy lifting

  • Traction Lid

    Can be used as a casting platform

  • Easy-Flow Drain Spouts

    Lets the water out, keeps ice in

Ratings & Reviews

Based on 23 Reviews

Most Recent Reviews


Great Cooler... the Best Value

by - verified purchaser
I received the 110 cooler as a gift and am in complete love with the cooler. We use it on the boat for multi day Bahamas fishing trips to keep our perishable food cool without the need for adding additional ice every day. We also use it for multi day camping trips and the little blue ice blocks keep everything cool in the Florida sunshine and heat. Great cooler ... unbeatable value.


by - verified purchaser
It's a beast @ almost 50lbs for weight, but you cannot argue the quality of this product. Take it camping for 4 days & even with continuous opening, it still keeps everything cold.

As Promised

by - verified purchaser
Just what they say "Over Built not Over Priced"

RTIC 110 and wife's 45

by - verified purchaser
I'm a Transamerica pipeliner ...at times I literally live from my cooler .....I've owned 2 other coolers they as well are spelled with four letters and their mascot is a big hairy critter ...compared to RTIC ...their coolers suck ...they can't come close to comparing with an RTIC ....I'm able to keep ice 3--6 days longer than the other big name way over priced cooler was able to ...this is not a paid endorsement ...this is an honest no bullshit testimonial from a man that uses a cooler far more than they were meant to be used ...when I'm on the road 10-11 months a year and in heat from 80-100 degrees I can trust my RTIC TO DO ITS JOB!!!...and trust this ...it does it far superior to any other cooler on the market...bar none ! ..thanks and RTIC ON ...Jim Evans ...Pittsford,Mi.

Great Product

by - verified purchaser
I use this for hunting and it’s always on a cargo carrier on my Jeep. It serves as extra water proof storage as well as a cooler when I’m lucky. You can’t do better for the money.

Outstanding cooler!

by - verified purchaser
Took it on a deer hunt in 95 degree South Florida weather, and it held ice solid for 4 days!... don’t hesitate to purchase one!- John C


by - verified purchaser
Not a review really just a complaint! been waiting for weeks for the white 110 but seems that you do t want make them or something


by - verified purchaser
Quality control. Just got my cooler today and one of the latches that hold the lid shut is somewhat deformed and doesn't really latch and secure like the other side does. I also have a 20 and I've had to glue 2 of the bottom pads back on. I know they're not as expensive as some of the other Roto coolers, but it's still expensive for a cooler.

What a cooler

by - verified purchaser
Many of my friends have bought "the other guys cooler" for more money. I got this cooler a few weeks ago and it has out performed my highest expectations. Ice lasted for days and did not need the night before cool down to do it. So worth the money and super strong straps. My son and I filled it to the rim with ice and straps didn't budge. Will continue to use Rtic for future cooler and tumbler needs. Great company, great products, and awesome customer support. Can't say enough about them.

Great buy

by - verified purchaser
I have had this cooler for a while now, and it's fantastic! It's a definite must buy and a great value.

The Best

by - verified purchaser
This is by far the best cooler I have ever owned. It keep ice in it for almost 10 days and the temps were around 85 degrees. Also I have two grandsons that were always getting into the cooler for refreshments during the 10 days. We have the 110 cooler

Amazing product

by - verified purchaser
If you are looking for a roto mold cooler about this size and can't decide then stop debating. Get this one. Mine held ice without any melting in the back of a truck bed for 14 hours, granted I used some frozen items in there with it as well. Best cooler I've had thus far

10 days with the 110

by - verified purchaser
Went on a 10 day road trip, opened the cooler frequently and it still held ice ALL 10 days! The cooler was loaded with perishable foods and they all kept until the end of the trip! Excellent cooler, looking forward to buying two more RTIC coolers in the future!

Love my RTIC 110

by - verified purchaser
Its a big cooler, I keep in on my deck for my adult refreshments, it keeps them cold for about a week, a little less when we open it a lot and its hot out, as it gets here in Iowa. I have been very happy with this purchase along with the 30 and 40oz tumbler, the can coozies, and other items I have purchased. I will keep coming back, keep up the great work and keep up the awesome quality. CEWII


by - verified purchaser
bough this 110 for a hunting trip.. loaded it down on a Thursday morning with ice/cans/food. . . hunted Friday Saturday and Sunday.. got home Monday w/ 2 hogs in it and still packing tons of ice!! this thing is a BEAST!!!

Blue 110

by - verified purchaser
Keeps ice as stated way better than that other brand very happy

Solid cooler at a great price

by - verified purchaser
I bought this cooler for my pop-up camper, so I could take more Lone Star Beer with me and not take up valuable real-estate space in my little mini-dorm fridge in the camper. The 110 is the perfect size for a 4 - 8 day trip, where you won't have access to ice. Fill it once, and you're good to go. I was able to use this thing to stow, not only my precious Lone Star, but also all my food. The ONLY mistake I made was to completely fill it, and top it off with ice BEFORE sticking it on the back of the truck. It weight nearly a half ton by the time it was fully loaded. But I have no complaints...about the cooler. It's perfect for my needs. The ONLY complaint I have is the accessories for the 110 are practically null. The cooler has grooves cut out for dividers, which I would love to utilize, but the "accessories link" on the Rtic webpage doesn't carry them. Additionally, the basket for the 110 is always "sold out". I've ended up using Google and YouTube to learn how to make my own divider for my cooler, so that's not a killer for me. Again, solid cooler for all your chill needs.

Great cooler

by - verified purchaser
The 110 cooler is great, holds a ton of perishables, but I wish the accessories were available and not always sold out!!!!!!!!!!!!


by - verified purchaser
I keep getting emails that these are on sale but the 110 are always sold out and that’s the one I want ! How can I get a 110 ?

RTIC 110

by - verified purchaser
I went camping In Colorado over Easter weekend, when I left my house in Kansas I put in 3 bags of ice and my food on the Thursday before Easter and when I dumped the cooler the following Thursday, I still had about 2 bags of ice left!! I love my cooler!
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