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This cooler is all about extremes - from impact resistance and durability to long lasting ice retention. Great cooler for camping, hunting, or fishing that truly keeps your food & drinks colder longer vs the competition. The RTIC cooler can also be used as a bench, nonslip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables and vital supplies cold.

Common Uses

  • Offshore fishing
  • Hunting bigger game
  • Extended camping trips
  • The ultimate party cooler
  • Back up refrigerator


Weight: 59.5 lbs


145 cans
155pounds of ice

Functional Features

  • Rotomolded Construction

    Virtually indestructible

  • Keeps Ice up to 10 Days

    Like a portable freezer

  • Bear Resistant

    Designed to keep bears out

  • Non-Slip Feet

    Keeps your cooler in place

  • Integrated Locking System

    Keep your contents safe

  • Easy Lift Lid Handle

    Allows quick & easy access

  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches

    Smooth trouble-free closure

  • Up to 3" Insulated Walls

    Commercial grade insulating foam

  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles

    Marine-grade ropes & textured grips

  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket

    Provides a tight seal

  • Rapid V-Drain System

    Allows quick draining

  • No Fail Hinges

    Full Length interlocking hinges

  • Molded Tie Down Slots

    Keeps your cooler anchored

  • No Sweat Exterior

    The outside stays dry

  • Cool Lift Design

    Lifts cooler above the hot surface

  • Molded-In Side Handles

    Unbreakable, easy lifting

  • Traction Lid

    Can be used as a casting platform

  • Easy-Flow Drain Spouts

    Lets the water out, keeps ice in

Ratings & Reviews

Based on 27 Reviews

Most Recent Reviews


Excellent Cooler & Even Better Customer Service

by - verified purchaser
I recently ordered my new RTIC 145 during the clearance sale. It arrived very slightly damaged so I emailed customer service. They readily gave me the option to exchange it at no cost or keep it with 20% refunded back to me. I decided to keep it as it was only a very small blemish on the corner from shipping. Very pleased with the customer service as well as the cooler. I haven't gotten to use it yet but it is very well built. For anyone looking to use it for hunting and fishing, it will be plenty big! Thanks RTIC!


by - verified purchaser
I Own a 65 and 145 and woudnt spend my money on anything else

Awesome cooler

by - verified purchaser
Bought this cooler as an ice holder for my fish box on my charter boat....amazing construction and holds ice for days even in the blazing sun. I did my homework and you will not find a cooler that will even come close for the money. Comparable brands run over $500.


by - verified purchaser
I was skeptical before purchasing but after I received it, not anymore. Very well built. It will last forever. Excellent choice buying the 110. Stop thinking about it buy it!

Outstanding Coolers

by - verified purchaser
I have purchased the 20, 65 and 145 models. I use them for hunting, fishing and catering. It is the only brand I will buy at this point. I do not believe there is a better value on a cooler.

This is MONEY!

by - verified purchaser
This thing is HUGE and well worth the $$$. It kept two monster pronghorn bucks iced down for six days.

Little disappointed

by - verified purchaser
I left me review once before I guess I didn’t save it. First, I have every cooler size made by Rtic I bought the 145 for hunting season and when we have gatherings. Lesson learned you cannot leave the cooler outside in direct sunlight or the top will bow in the center thus letting air inside and ice melting. Disappointed because this was not taken into consideration during design.. was the thought that this cooler would be kept indoors With out direct sunlight? Still A fan or Rtic and the best cooler made is the 45.

Big 145

by - verified purchaser
I bought a 65 several years ago and have loved it. Planned a 2 week trip so figured I might get the bigger cooler. This thing kept the ice and held way more than we thought we could drink/eat. Can't find a fault in it at all. Love it! Had to wait a while to get a tan one and due to FB sale paid $300. Great deal !

Great Cooler

by - verified purchaser
Over sized not over priced Thanks


by - verified purchaser
This is a awesome cooler went fishing for seven days filled cooler with meat, dairy, sodas, and lots of beer. put in two 10lb blocks of ice all the above items top it off with cube ice and it lasted all seven days. get one there GREAT and a lot less money then ******.

Huge cooler

by - verified purchaser
I've had this for a few days now and the size is huge put 3 cases of water in this thing and 60 lbs of ice and still had room I have an older rtic 65 and this thing looks like you could fit it inside the 145

Keeps food hot

by - verified purchaser
I am a barbecue caterer it keeps the smoked pork briskets and Red's hot for 8 to 9 pluse hours and I have the 65 but want the 110.. jbtxbbq.com

Best Deal Beat Coolers

by - verified purchaser
I bought the last two Rtic blue coolers at Bucees. Held ice all weekend can't imagine buying any other brand. They aslo work for keeping meat hot for our BBQ caterings!

RTIC 145 Huge

by - verified purchaser
This is by for the best cooler I have ever owned. Its a very high quality and keeps ice for a very long time. Hands down better then Yetti. Best part RTIC supports the 2nd amendment just another good reason to buy one.


by - verified purchaser
We just purchased a few of these for work. Like to keep them around our plant during the summer for contractors etc to stay hydrated. Very large cooler and seems to be built well! We can’t wait to put them to use.

As a gift

by - verified purchaser
My parents gave this to me for a birthday present! I can now go camping alone, after having a few years now it does as advertised. Sometimes to well! I put so much ice in thinking I need it, but its overkill even a little ice keeps the whole cooler colder than a fridge! Fantastic!


by - verified purchaser
Great cooler. Plenty of room in this one for the game and ice. RTIC delivers once again.

RTIC 145

by - verified purchaser
I ordered my 145 back in December,and was on back order for several months. I was rather disappointed when I opened the box, which was in very poor shape and had been retapped, to find my cooler had some scratches and dings in it and missing a drain plug. I contacted CS with my issues and after a few emails back and forth they promptly sent me another drain plug and also compensated me on the other issues. I bought this cooler to use on fishing trips and although I have not yet had the chance to test it out I am sure that their product will perform just as great as their customer service has. My hats off to your company and when I replace my smaller cooler for the boat it will be with an RTIC just because of your awesome custom service.

Rtic 145 White

by - verified purchaser
Built like a tank. There were minor scratches on the bottom of the cooler, no big deal after last weekend there are more lol. Form, fit are perfect. seal is air tight as if you try to open really fast you can feel the suction. Nothing comes close for the price. Great seat too.

Perfect Cooler

by - verified purchaser
Love this cooler. It's the right size for a 7 day trip. The only thing this cooler needs is dividers. Other than that it's perfect.
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