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RTIC 20 - White

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The RTIC 20 is a great personal cooler. It is very practical for everyday use and can be taken to work, camping, hunting, or fishing. This cooler keeps your food & drinks colder longer and holds up to 24 cans plus ice. The cooler is equipped with a heavy-duty stainless steel handle that locks upright for easy one-handed carrying. You can truly take this cooler anywhere!

Common Uses

  • Job site
  • Weekend or short trips
  • Campsite, kayak, canoe
  • ATV or golf cart
  • At the big game


Weight: 17.5 lbs


25pounds of ice

Functional Features

  • Rotomolded Construction

    Virtually indestructible

  • Keeps Ice up to 10 Days

    Like a portable freezer

  • Bear Resistant

    Designed to keep bears out

  • Non-Slip Feet

    Keeps your cooler in place

  • Integrated Locking System

    Keep your contents safe

  • Easy Lift Lid Handle

    Allows quick & easy access

  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches

    Smooth trouble-free closure

  • Up to 3" Insulated Walls

    Commercial grade insulating foam

  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles

    Marine-grade ropes & textured grips

  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket

    Provides a tight seal

  • Rapid V-Drain System

    Allows quick draining

  • No Fail Hinges

    Full Length interlocking hinges

  • Molded Tie Down Slots

    Keeps your cooler anchored

  • No Sweat Exterior

    The outside stays dry

  • Cool Lift Design

    Lifts cooler above the hot surface

  • Molded-In Side Handles

    Unbreakable, easy lifting

  • Traction Lid

    Can be used as a casting platform

  • Easy-Flow Drain Spout

    Lets the water out, keeps ice in

Ratings & Reviews

Based on 131 Reviews

Most Recent Reviews



by - verified purchaser
I have purchased three 30 oz tumblers, two low ballers and now the rtic 20. I can't wait to get this cooler in and stock it full of beer for the weekend. You can't beat this product!

Fantastic Cooler

by - verified purchaser
I bought a RTIC 20 to keep in my car for overnight trips. Love the cooler and the price. I CANNOT understand why someone would pay double for this?? I have since bought the RTIC soft pack 40 and several bottles and tumblers. Shipping was fast. Will definitely buy from again.

Great Everyday Cooler

by - verified purchaser
I bought this cooler in November '16. I use it everyday. It holds 24 cans of drinks and still has room for a 5 lb bag of ice. It keeps drinks cold for days. Here lately its been cold and drinks are cold but nothing have froze. It's awesome.

worth the money

by - verified purchaser
Bought a 45 for Christmas and this cooler does the job! So going back to work in the oilfield bought the smaller one for work. I am impressed and glad I did not by the Yeti. I am happy with the coolers. You guys need to come out with the real big game hunters coolers.


by - verified purchaser
Great size cooler for work truck.or hunting trips from boat.Very happy with purchase. I like the tan color

Wow, what a great deal

by - verified purchaser
Ordered and received the next day. Already impressed by the order, the cooler made me even happier. What a great price compared to Yeti, and the 30% off is even a GREAT deal.

The Best Cooler

by - verified purchaser
This cooler really works for a smaller cooler. keeps ice a long time and fits in the new chair I made between the seats under a flip top perfectly.

rtic 20 2 rtic cans and 2 rtic 30

by - verified purchaser
Bought the rtic 20 just the same as yeti but holds more cans of beer then purchased a csn opener 2 can holders and 2 30 oz tumblers all juat as good as yeti next is to rtic 65 or rtic soft pack 30. Everyone should buy an rtic

Rtic 20

by - verified purchaser
Received cooler today and wish the size of it was the same as the soft side but o well I guess I will have to order the soft side. No invoice or packing slip in or on the box. I

Is all that and a bag of chips!

by - verified purchaser
My GF bought me this one for Christmas and man you cant beat this thing with a hammer. Lid super seals and the feet on the bottom are super non skid! BUT WAIT.....THERES MORE!....Ice in Saturday and was still abundant the Tuesday after so no problems with this bad boy! Seriously considering a blue 45 for my next one!!!

Good cooler

by - verified purchaser
Got the RTIC 20 for Christmas. This cooler is more than anything I'll actually need. When I got it I put a 10 lb bag of ice and a thermometer in the cooler, closed the lid and waited 24 hours. The ice melted minimally, and the thermometer held at 32.2 degrees. I am not sure if the cooler will hold ice for 10 days but I am more than impressed with the product. As I said, this cooler will do more than enough for me. Why spend twice the amount for a YETI or ORCA?

10 Stars! Fantastic!

by - verified purchaser
I bought the 20 in white for my fiancee's new truck. I bought it online from your website on Sunday the 18th and had it mailed to mom's (since Its a secret...) and she got it on Tuesday the 20th! Two days!!! That is spectacular customer service, people! The price is so under it's quality that I feel like I made out like a bandit! Fiancee' was so amazed at the quality of workmanship. The work you have put into this will be enjoyed for many years. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making shopping a breeze! This is the first of many purchases to come from your high quality company! Thank you RTIC! Y'all ROCK!


by - verified purchaser
Love the RTIC 20. I was able to put 18 bottles of brew in it and 10 lbs of ice. The lid closed easily. Very happy. Perfect size and very durable.

Rtic cooler 20

by - verified purchaser
Ordered on Sunday and received TODAY, Tuesday! Awesome AND on sale! Great products, and speedy delivery! No clue about their CS as never had to contact them...their products are THAT GOOD!!!


by - verified purchaser
I ordered a 65 and a 20 on 12/16 at 9:30 am. received them on 12/17 at 12:00 pm. free shipping!!!! Right out the gate, I'm impressed.


by - verified purchaser
will not keep ice but 24 hours during hot weather. an igloo does better. i even changed the seal.

I got the 65

by - verified purchaser
To be honest this cooler is everything I expected and more. I've owned this cooler for a year now. Sure the yeti is something people have talked about for a long time and as they should. But the RTIC is almost just as good. The rubber clasps aren't as stiff as the yeti coolers but in my opinion that's not worth twice the price. This cooler is a beast and I would highly recommend this product and I am buying more of these things. Ice purchases have cut down dramatically and who would complain about that. Thank you from a life time buyer!


by - verified purchaser
It saddens me that you do offer paypal. Please look into this. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


by - verified purchaser
I just got my cooler and a little disappointed. Maybe your mass producing too fast. My sticker was crooked and ilmy handle on my 20 was popped out and scratched the side. Also only on tiny strip of bubble wrap so leads me to believe someone else had this and sent back. I would have bought lots more but now not so sure. Price is right but I'm a girl putting mine in a 4 runner working as nurse and realtor so lots of people would see. So I need it to look sharp. Sure hope the handle doesn't pop back out when loaded with ice.

Great work cooler.

by - verified purchaser
I bought this cooler about a month ago with the hope that it would extend my ice for work. I keep it stocked with water and pop constantly. I'm in and out of it several times a day and still get 4-6 days out of a bag of ice, which was 2 to 3 days from my old cooler. It will pay for itself in a year. Fantastic cooler.
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