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This cooler is all about extremes - from impact resistance and durability to long lasting ice retention. This midsize cooler makes a perfect multi-purpose cooler. It can be carried by one person. The RTIC 45 can do double duty as a bench, nonslip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables and vital supplies cold.

Common Uses

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Back of pick-up truck
  • Small game
  • Tailgating


Weight: 25.0 lbs


36 cans
40pounds of ice

Functional Features

  • Rotomolded Construction

    Virtually indestructible

  • Keeps Ice up to 10 Days

    Like a portable freezer

  • Bear Resistant

    Designed to keep bears out

  • Non-Slip Feet

    Keeps your cooler in place

  • Integrated Locking System

    Keep your contents safe

  • Easy Lift Lid Handle

    Allows quick & easy access

  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches

    Smooth trouble-free closure

  • Up to 3" Insulated Walls

    Commercial grade insulating foam

  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles

    Marine-grade ropes & textured grips

  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket

    Provides a tight seal

  • Rapid V-Drain System

    Allows quick draining

  • No Fail Hinges

    Full Length interlocking hinges

  • Molded Tie Down Slots

    Keeps your cooler anchored

  • No Sweat Exterior

    The outside stays dry

  • Cool Lift Design

    Lifts cooler above the hot surface

  • Molded-In Side Handles

    Unbreakable, easy lifting

  • Traction Lid

    Can be used as a casting platform

  • Easy-Flow Drain Spouts

    Lets the water out, keeps ice in

Ratings & Reviews

Based on 109 Reviews

Most Recent Reviews


Works both ways

by - verified purchaser
You dont really ever think of using a cooler to keep things from freezing. I've been working up in Wyoming for the last three months and I can keep cases of water for a few days in my RTIC-45 .when before the water would be frozen solid overnight when left in the truck

Nice Cooler

by - verified purchaser
I've had my RTIC 45 for almost a year. It's a strong and cool cooler. I like the accessories I added two racks and a divider makes it versatile. I can't say it keeps ice any longer than my old Coleman cooler, but I do like it a lot and looking to buy a soft sided RTIC when I see a good deal on one.

Buy it!

by - verified purchaser
Bought the 45 for hauling my deer meat, I set it on the floor next to the deep freeze at my moms house in St. Louis MO. opened the lid, opened the deep freeze and started loading it up with frozen deer meat, when full, I closed the lid and put it in the back of my truck. I live in Palm Beach Gardens FL. That afternoon, I headed for Florida, took my time and played around in Blue Springs swimming, camped out, at the end of the trip the meat was in the cooler for 2.5 days, I didn't use any ice or anything, never opened the lid ever. when I got home, I opened it, to put the meat in my freezer, and the meat was frozen solid as a rock, like it had never left my mothers freezer, no liquid, no soft meat, frozen solid!!! NO BULLSH**! I might add that it is quite warm where I live,,,, BUY IT!


by - verified purchaser
If you are looking for a GREAT COOLER stop doing all the reviews/research and buy one, these are the BEST coolers hands down and at a GREAT price. I have all types of gear from RTIC and I have not been disappointed 1 time from product manufacturing/craftsmanship/quality/shipping and costumer service. I have put it to the test in many elements and conditions (all my gear) and has stood up. RTIC TEAM Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

RTIC 20 - Tan

by - verified purchaser
Absolutely fantastic! RTIC coolers are the best for retaining ice and keeping contents safe. We have two 20's, a 45,a 20 soft cooler, thermo bottles and mugs...ALL are great!! Just bought another 45 as a gift for a special someone who will be so excited! As far as delivery on my last purchase I was blown away...arrived the very next day! WOW RTIC!!

Make a Navy

by - verified purchaser
Great coolers, wish they would make one in NAVY!!!!!


by - verified purchaser
I purchased this cooler at Christmas 2017. It performs exactly the same as my ******, but at a better price. I have enjoyed it fully. No complaints. It's so good, that I just ordered a 145. Watch for the sale and get a great price with free shipping.

5 stars

by - verified purchaser
I have the 20 and the 45 and couldn’t be more happier, well worth the money I was fortunate to get 25% off both times.

Excellent Cooler

by - verified purchaser
Purchased my 45 Tan during black Friday deals a year ago. I plan on using this cooler for years as the build quality is very solid and it keeps food cold for the days I leave in the morning and don't get home until evening. The slip resistant feet are great for keeping it in place in the bed of my truck. Only thing I wish was easier is tying it down in the bed using bungee straps, otherwise I've never had issues with it sliding around the bed when driving long distances.

If Jesus were to buy a cooler, he'd choose this one.

by - verified purchaser
PROS: Easy for one person to carry and maneuver. Sturdy. Looks bad ass. Cheaply priced (comparatively speaking). So much space, all of the space. It will keep your beer colder than a well digger's ass in January. CONS: The plastic/inside smells awful, like communism and China. Low price=direct shipping-this thing showed up looking like it got dropped from a C-130. It almost seals TOO good-I've flipped this thing over trying to get my tasty beers out. SUMMARY: I've used this cooler three times since purchase and it has exceeded my expectations. You should buy this cooler. You need this cooler. Don't buy that "big foot" trash so you can put a dumb sticker on your Ford and show everyone what an uninformed consumer you are. Make the right choice, buy an RTIC.

Great Product

by - verified purchaser
I use this cooler mostly for hunting and I couldn't be happier with it. It's very tough and withstands things it probably shouldn't. I've lopped off a few hooves with an axe before turning meat over to the processor while using the cooler as a backstop and it still performs great. I won a competitors soft pack cooler in a raffle and was in awe of how much it was in comparison to this hard cooler. I've since bought a larger version to accompany this one. I bought once and didn't cry once. It's a great product.

Perfect camping cooler

by - verified purchaser
I recently purchased my first Rtic cooler, the 45 in tan. Took it on a 4 day camping trip in the pnw and never had to refill the ice as it hardly melted. Also the dual drain plugs are very practical and handy.

Great Cooler!!

by - verified purchaser
Very impressed with this cooler. Never bought a cooler at a higher price before but glad I did. Went beyond my expectations. RTIC RULES!!!!!

Top Notch

by - verified purchaser
I am an avid camper and have had plenty of ice chests in my life. I bought this cooler and will never buy anything but RTIC products again! I have camped for 5+ days in pretty warm conditions and never had to purchase ice. All my fellow campers were buying ice daily. I will be buying the 65 next for a little more space. Product is well built, sturdy and can handle any weather conditions. Well Done RTIC, keep to your motto, Over Built - Not Over Priced.

Outstanding value

by - verified purchaser
I bought my RTIC 2 years ago and it has been a great cooler.

Great cooler!

by - verified purchaser
Fantastic cooler. Has really great ice retention. I’ve had mine for a few weeks not and could not be happier. Thanks so much Ashlee for your help with the cooler! Also thanks for your support of the 2nd amendment.

Excellent cooler

by - verified purchaser
This cooler keeps things cold for a long time. We live far from town, so we throw our groceries in there with ice and run all of our other errands, and our food stays cold in a hot car. Also use for camping and it works great. Very durable. High quality drain plugs. Glad I bought it!

Aweso.e cooler

by - verified purchaser
My brother won the Rtic 45 (white). We took it on a bachelor party and I loved it so much I ordered one (tan) the day we got back. The ice didnt melt all weekend and all we had to do was keep adding beer. Definitely worth the price. Only complaint is also one thing I love, the slip resistant feet suck for loading into my truck cause it cant slide. But once in the truck it never slid.

45 review

by - verified purchaser
Buy the rtic 45. Recently went on a camping trip with someone who packed a case of bottled water and 2 bags of ice in a standard cooler. It was very hot but all of the ice melted in the standard cooler within 24 hrs. My rtic 45 held ice like a pro. It was great to have the side by side comparison to see how much better the rtic is than a regular cooler. Buy one for sure. Tan is great, cleans up easily.

Designed to leak according to MFR

by - verified purchaser
I purchased an RTIC 45 cooler last month and used it for the first time last weekend on a trip to the outer banks and was shocked to find that the valve leaks. What is worse is it leaked hamburger blood / water inside my wife’s Expedition on a 90 deg summer day while driving to the campsite. The car still stinks a week later. I wrote to RTIC Customer service and received this email response which reads. "I apologize for the confusion regarding the cooler and it's function. The condensation and minor leaking is infact a norm for our hard sided coolers. " I do not believe buying a plug for the inside of the cooler should be necessary to prevent a premium cooler of this price point from leaking. On the positive side it did keep ice longer than my $30 Igloo but the Igloo also did not leak in the car.
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