RTIC 45 - Tan

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This cooler is all about extremes - from impact resistance and durability to long lasting ice retention. This midsize cooler makes a perfect multi-purpose cooler. It can be carried by one person. The RTIC 45 can do double duty as a bench, nonslip step stool, tabletop and extra cutting board while keeping ice, perishables and vital supplies cold.

Common Uses

  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Back of pick-up truck
  • Small game
  • Tailgating


Weight: 25.0 lbs


40pounds of ice

Functional Features

  • Rotomolded Construction

    Virtually indestructible

  • Keeps Ice up to 10 Days

    Like a portable freezer

  • Bear Resistant

    Designed to keep bears out

  • Non-Slip Feet

    Keeps your cooler in place

  • Integrated Locking System

    Keep your contents safe

  • Easy Lift Lid Handle

    Allows quick & easy access

  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches

    Smooth trouble-free closure

  • Up to 3" Insulated Walls

    Commercial grade insulating foam

  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles

    Marine-grade ropes & textured grips

  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket

    Provides a tight seal

  • Rapid V-Drain System

    Allows quick draining

  • No Fail Hinges

    Full Length interlocking hinges

  • Molded Tie Down Slots

    Keeps your cooler anchored

  • No Sweat Exterior

    The outside stays dry

  • Cool Lift Design

    Lifts cooler above the hot surface

  • Molded-In Side Handles

    Unbreakable, easy lifting

  • Traction Lid

    Can be used as a casting platform

  • Easy-Flow Drain Spouts

    Lets the water out, keeps ice in

Ratings & Reviews

Based on 46 Reviews

Most Recent Reviews


Great cooler!

by - verified purchaser
Fantastic cooler. Has really great ice retention. I’ve had mine for a few weeks not and could not be happier. Thanks so much Ashlee for your help with the cooler! Also thanks for your support of the 2nd amendment.

Aweso.e cooler

by - verified purchaser
My brother won the Rtic 45 (white). We took it on a bachelor party and I loved it so much I ordered one (tan) the day we got back. The ice didnt melt all weekend and all we had to do was keep adding beer. Definitely worth the price. Only complaint is also one thing I love, the slip resistant feet suck for loading into my truck cause it cant slide. But once in the truck it never slid.


by - verified purchaser
Just got my 45, very impressive cooler. Plus a big thanks for your support of the 2nd amendment. .

Awsome Ice Chest

by - verified purchaser
I own the 45 and 20 and I love both of them. After my Colman ice chest full of fish fell off the back of the four wheeler in the middle of a dirt road, I decided to try something that had a lock hatch so my fish or what ever I have don't go everywhere in case of a mishap. I bought it for the toughness that the Ice chest demonstrates and I am not disappointed one bit. Well worth the money.

Great mid size cooler

by - verified purchaser
Got my 45 and love it.. perfect for hunting.. Fit a large boned out deer in my cooler and still had room for ice. Cooler really impressed me during a warm summer camping trip.. held ice for 5 days and still had ice for th ride home..

Awesome Coolers

by - verified purchaser
I just received my third cooler ! Now I have a 20,45,65 :) The money I saved the first year with the 65 paid for itself !!! What is needed now is for your company to make a wheeled system for the big cooler's so the better have can move them around when loaded ! Awesome Cooler's & thanks again.


by - verified purchaser
Great looking cooler,but the shipping was super fast! We ordered 4 and received them all in 6 days!

Good timing

by - verified purchaser
I ordered my Tan 45 Monday night and received it Wednesday afternoon.

45 tan

by - verified purchaser
Just what I needed. Ordered and got it in just three days. Looked it over and used it. Worked great. Going to order the 20 tan next along with some tumblers.

RZR Riding

by - verified purchaser
Very happy. If buying to stick in SXS this is the cooler to buy. The bed of rzrs get pretty hot, I can ice down on Friday evening, add one small bag for the whole weekend and still ice cold by Monday. Compared to adding 3-4 bags to a regular cooler. Take away the pounding heat from a rzr exhaust underneath it and I have no doubt ice would last days.


by - verified purchaser
I own the 45 for my truck and 65 for my boat. Just Bought the 20 for my ATV! Cant say enough, how good these coolers are for the price. THANK YOU RTIC!


by - verified purchaser
Ordered a tan 20qt at lunch got it next day. I have a soft 20 also. Just got the 65 today. Can't imagine paying twice the $ for the other one!!!

Just ordered a 65

by - verified purchaser
Just ordered a 65, have a 45 that stays in the boat and a couple of 20's in work trucks for water bottles. Also have 20 oz and 30 oz tumblers that work great.


by - verified purchaser
Great price great product a little heavy put where you want it and load

New User

by - verified purchaser
Ordered my cooler on12/30/16 recieved it on 01/04/17. The cooler arrived in great shape. Put ice in it that evening. Loaded it with drinks on 01/05/17. Used it all weekend never had to add ice to it. This is an awesome cooler. Will be getting the 65 cooler soon. Thanks for such a great cooler.

new user

by - verified purchaser
Wow! Got my RTIC45 in just 5 days! Impressed with the sturdy construction. Can't wait to give it a workout on the lakes in our hot Nebraska summers. A job well done.

RTIC 45 - Cooling Machine

by - verified purchaser
I just added a RTIC 45 to my RTIC Family. Bought the 30 soft side a couple of months ago. This cooler is great. On Saturday, I bought a case a beer and put it in the cooler. I added a little ice from the ice machine that day and on Sunday -- a couple pounds total. It is Monday PM and the beer is still ice cold. I have added a few warm cans a pop to the cooler and they cool in a couple hours just by sitting on top of the beer. Can't wait until boating season as I won't need to fill a cooler half full of ice anymore. I was at Scheels this AM and looked at the other 4 letter companies one that retails for $200 more. My only thought was what I am going to spend the extra $200 on.


by - verified purchaser
Order on 12/16 and it came in 12/20! I was afraid it wouldn't be in for Christmas but it made it! Haven't opened the box yet!

Great cooler

by - verified purchaser
This is a great cooler. It holds ice for days even with out pre chilling it. I will definitely recommend this cooler to all of my friends.


by - verified purchaser
Love this cooler, the only thing missing are wheels, and some sort of tie down for an ATV rack. Other than that you nailed it!
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