2017 Product Rollout Update

RTIC's 2017 Products Line to be Rolled Out Summer, 2017.

RTIC is excited to announce more details on the Company’s rollout of its new 2017 product line.

The Company plans to sell its remaining 2016 Models for the next few months and then launch our 2017 Models, in time for the summer season. We will continue to offer on our website many items while supplies last. Upon the launch of the 2017 Summer Product Line, we will return to our regular everyday low pricing, keeping true to our promise to deliver "Over Built – Not Over Priced" products.

RTIC's new product line will have the same high level of quality and will include new and highly desired features:

  • Our coolers will include a Dual Drain Plug System which will allow easier operation. The new coolers will include two drain plugs. An oversized drain plug on one side of the cooler to allow faster and easier draining and a standard size drain plug on the other side with an integrated vacuum relief valve to allow easier opening of the cooler lid by reducing the pressure inside the cooler when the plug is pressed.
  • The RTIC 20 will now include a molded-in divider slot inside the cooler to allow you to easily separate and organize your contents.
  • Our tumblers will have a new more modern look allowing them to fit more cup holders while maintaining their extraordinary insulating properties of keeping drinks cold for up to 60 hours.
  • Our bottles will allow you to have great filtered water when you want it utilizing the all new RTIC integrated filtration system giving you healthier, great-tasting water. All our filters and containers will be BPA-free and remove contaminants and unpleasant odors.

New Products:

Products Coming in Summer 2017 include a 145 quart cooler, the new laser etched logo, the light blue cooler, the RTIC Water Resistant Duffle Bag, Tall Boy, V-Shape Stackable Pint Tumblers, Water Bottles, a 40 oz. Tumbler, New cup holder friendly Handles, Food Containers, Additional Sport Bottles and the exclusive RTIC Water Filtration System for select RTIC drinkware.

So, keep an eye out for the many new and exciting products coming in the Summer 2017!

Thanks again for your support. We appreciate all our customers and fans.


John Jacobsen, Founder
RTIC Coolers